A passion for craftmanship


Rehab Solutions, LLC

At Rehab Solutions we have a passion for crafting high-quality products to aid in physical rehabilitation.  

Every Action Research Arm Test Kit we build reflects that passion. Through careful attention to detail, we've become a trusted source for ARAT Kits worldwide. 

Smart Design 

Our ARAT Kits incorporate elements of the testing process within the design itself.

The box top opens flush with the resting surface, and the metal inserts accept the threaded dowels to become part of the testing area. All components store neatly and intuitively in the box to create a clean, professional appearance and minimize damaged items.

Build Materials

Each ARAT Kit is fabricated from sustainable, domestic Poplar hardwood and Baltic Birch plywood. It is then finished to a medium sheen with Waterlox tung oil-based varnish. 

The dovetailed box comes equipped with stainless steel draw latches and piano hinge, briefcase handle, and solid rubber feet that allow multiple boxes to be stacked when not in use. 


Each ARAT Kit comes enclosed with:

  • Long & short dowels with threaded rod
  • Long & short stainless steel tubing
  • Plank with threaded receivers
  • Marble
  • Cricket ball
  • Stainless steel can
  • 2 Ball bearings
  • Threaded rods for tubes
  • 4 Wood blocks: 4″, 3″, 2″, 1″
  • Washer
  • Sharpening Stone
  • 2 Plastic cups
  • Velvet storage bag