Clinician Resources

Below are some resources for learning more about Action Research Arm Test Kits:

  • Download test forms from the Internet Stroke Center

  • In-depth review of the ARAT from StrokEngine
  • The original proposal for a standardized measure to evaluate the upper extremity by Douglas Caroll, MD. Published in 1965, the "Upper Extremity Function Test" (UEFT) was remarkably similar to the ARAT.
  • For the original proposal of the ARAT (no link available), see Ronald Lyle, “A performance test for assessment of upper limb function in physical rehabilitation treatment and research” Journal of International Rehabilitation Research (1981).
  • For an attempt to standardize the methods and equipment of an ARAT, see Yozbatiran et al (2008).
  • For a demonstration of the responsiveness and validity of the ARAT, see Lang et al (2006).
  • For research on the intra- and inter-rater reliability of the ARAT, see Van Der Lee et al (2001) and Hsieh et al (1998).

Check back for more ARAT updates.

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